Egyptian activists do flash mob on Starbucks

Their account:

Yesterday, 18 Egyptian activists gathered along with 7 International activists to create a flashmob at Starsucks cafe. We gathered right beside Starbucks cafe, we went with the Keffiyes (Palestinian scarves), Turkish flags, and BDS stickers and posters. 3 activists went inside the cafe and kept distributing a statement of boycott which is advocating customers to boycott starbucks because of their support to the apartheid state. the security guys expelled the 3 activists out to find more than 20 other activists chanting “Boycott Starbucks…Boycott Starbucks”. The whole street gathered and cars stopped which made a big traffic jam in this area, while people were all chanting “Boycott Starbucks” and “Free Free Palestine”. Then the activists left the place after they CLOSED IT, while people in the street chanted for Palestine and thanked the activists for the brave activism.

Photos taken by: Mostafa Hussein


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