Gaza Forever

Cold killers onto flotillas,
billy rope what a feeling hope couldve grown inta…
bullet holes in the cold steel boat give up,
gaza forever,
better be ready heavy artillery shellings beast with the fattest of bellies, Parlimentarians glued to the tellies,
what kind of lies are you selling? you surprised you’re a felon….?
Apartheid peddlin’ suit and a dark tie meddling, veteran never been the smart
type Disgraced by your displacement of bedoins, truth is a hard find bretheren,
severing the heart till death do us part, settlements and loss, with a weapon and fraud… all for the sheckel in your palm? 3bat hal shikil ya harami, you and who’s army?

Detonate Bombs on the strip, meditate harm on our kids
nothing but an jetplane blip…
till a child lose his left brain hit, bullets give him less pain quick…
letter to your desk frame senator, recognize how the world edit us,
pawns to the chess game predator,
running right ahead of us, screaming somebody set us up!
From Is-ra-eel to America,

I am here to rep for the P, you busy dissecting the peace, we stress justice, BDS etc…
White Flag Bled Deep Red you better run
Sometimes I feel that day might never come
mirror of a bitter sun,
moon on the rise of oblivion…
doom right on the horizon of your idioms…


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