Boycott AUB Job Fair

Published as flyers distributed on campus
Status: Complete


Lebanese law forbids engagement with the Zionist entity, or with anyone within the territorial realm of historic Palestine. Whether one wants to ascribe to the vagaries of a legal system or not, one can still maintain that in the interest of self-preservation, and in recognition of the current state of war that exists between Lebanon and Israel, that allowing companies with active investments in Israel onto the campus of the American University of Beirut cannot be tolerated.

To raise awareness of the student population of companies present at the job fair who have investments, factories, offices in or dealings with the state of Israel.

Two-sided A4 sheets that read “boycott” on one side with information about the company on the other, four-up on each sheet, to be printed recto/verso.

Research gathered on companies and typed up; calligraphic rendering of “boycott” worked on; logos of various companies gathered.

Awareness of corporate treachery in terms of an enemy state. Emphasis placed on Arabic statement of “boycott!”.

Click on this link to download PDF documents


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